BACKEND displaying cron jobs are not working


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i went to misc > campaigns delivery logs i get No results found ; it has delete delivery temp errors, im not sure if i should press it,
also here are my delivery settings>cron :

Under misc >transactional emails> i just have a record of password reset request that have been unsent............ I'm not sure what do ; i found this in the forum

i checked misc >cron history and No results found

; its obviously a problem with cron jobs not properly being read by the app or something? i had fixed the cron job errors during installation process........

im not sure where to proceed from here??? thanks anybody for help pls.
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Did you add your cron jobs properly? Can you show us a screenshot with the cron jobs added in your cpanel?
If you did all this, then maybe best is to contact your hosting and tell them to properly add the cron jobs for you.
im still trying to resolve with hosting but i uploaded cron jobs in etc/crontab via winscp , it just seems like its not being connected to hosting; i will ask if they can add it manually, its too difficult for me manually i believe ...also, in cpanel cron jobs there running 5.6, my server is php 7.4.3; could this be the problem why its not reading cron jobs?

in the meantime is there a hosting provider you recommend that works , Godaddy?
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it seems to have gone away when someone advised me to add root(space) in the beginning of each cron job via FTP in the crontab folder. Anyways i hope this helps ppl with the same problem.