Autoresponders: Incl./excl. manually added subscribers


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Just realised that manually added subscribers (via the list subscribers > "create new" button) are not treated as imports but as signups and that autoresponders set to not include imports are still sending to those manually added.

Can that be tweaked or changed and an extra option added so we can add the odd subscriber manually without triggering i.e. a "Thank you for subscribing here's our special introductory offer"?

The use case:
we often have to add business partners and GDPR compliant "legitimate interest" records. Although they highly appreciate being added to our lists, it does cause confusion if they suddenly receive a "thank you" note. We do use autoresponders instead of welcome emails in order to track stats/delivery, which doesn't seem to be possible with welcome emails.
One way would be to expose the source field to the subscriber form? To be default as 'web' and to allow to change to 'import'? Or simply to consider all the ones added using the form as 'import'? Or add flag to the list itself? Something saying like: 'Consider manually added subscribers as imports'? We can discuss which one is more appropiate.

Thanks, guys. I would vote for the latter... or an additional option to also exclude backend entries from autoresponders.