Autoresponder Works / Regular Campaign Is Not Sent


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campaigns saved as autoresponder are working on my server. But regular campaigns are not sent.

Because the autoresponder works the cronjobs must be configured correctly. I can definitely execute php on the shell. If i execute the command, which is called by the cronjob, then nothing happens although the sending time of the scheduled is lying in the past.
Any ideas?

Another weird thing is:
1. When i save a regular campaign then it stays in the "Pending-sending" state forever
2. I have to pause it and then UNPAUSE it so that the state changes to "Sending". But after the state changes to "Sending" still nothing happens (0% sent)

please help! i use version


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@MikeF - In backend > settings > cron, find the Campaigns at once settings and increase it to something like 50.
Save the form and you'll be fine.