Autoresponder messages won´t get out (last two only)

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Hey everybody,

I run a 7-day follow-op autoresponder series. The first 5 messages go out without any problems. They even inbox 100%.

The last 2 messages won´t go out! I can´t see any difference in the settings of the other messages.

I don´t get it!

MailWizz says that they are not sent! It says "Sending 0%" - So it waits to send but it won´t go out...

Any idea? I know, I didn´t give you that much info, but like I said: I don´t have any idea why these messages don´t go out...

P.S.: and no, they are not in spam - I just checked...



Staff member
In Backend > Settings > Cron, did you let MailWizz automatically adjust the number of campaigns it sends at once? If not, please enable that.