Autoresponder intervals


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The documentation provided in the Customer Manual talks about autoresponder intervals as the time since the last message in the autoresponder sequence was sent. So, if each Campaign after the first one has an interval of 5 days, the messages would be sent on Day #5, Day #10, Day #15, etc.

The Confirmation page for Campaigns talks in terms of time after an event, such as After Subscribe or After Campaign Open.

So, if I want to each message 5 days after the previous one, I guess I would set them to 5 days, 10 day, 15 days, etc. Is that right? I just want to understand how your system is set up. I'm used to specifying the interval from the previous message in other systems (such as Aweber).

Also, can the message schedules be change after the campaign is activated and messages have already been sent?