Automation to Move Subscriber into New List (Not by Click Link or Open Email)

Markus Skupeika

New Member
I am curious if there is a method to do the following:

+ Subscriber Enters List A:
+ Subscriber Goes Thru All AutoResponders in List A:
+ Based on (Custom Field: Order Items): Ex. SKU-A
+ Automation: Wait 24hrs, If (Custom Field: Order Items) SKU-A Subscriber gets Placed Into List B:

We want to avoid writing duplicate campaign emails.
For example, a General Introduction Sequence of Emails to the Company.
Then after going thru that Sequence, Based on Data in Custom Field (Which we have Coded Already using API), we wish to send them to next relevant AutoResponder.

Any ideas how to Move Subscriber to New List, using either:
+ Custom Field
+ End of Campaign Sequence

Why not write a cron job to run once at 24 hours and using the api you can load the subscribers, check their certain custom field and if it has the right value, move it to the right list?
Thank you for the reply, is there a way I can add "data" into custom field when they get to end of Autoresponder List?
(ex. Like the last Campaign Email, I can add in customer field "Exit AutoResponder A"

I am unsure how I can add data into the custom field, when they get to end of AutoResponder?