Automatically send 100 emails per day from the list?


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In my list, there are around 3000 contacts. I would like to send 100 emails per day. I know there is limit I can set in delivery server for each day. But how can I set this as automate, so MailWizz send emails automatically for that specific campaign? Got to be a way to do this?

You can assign the limited delivery server to the campaign and then the campaign will send only via that delivery server, at a lower pace.
Thanks for your response. I understand, but how can I make this in automatic fashion? I guess I will need to run the campaign daily? Also, even though I run campaign manually everyday, but how can I make sure the next 100 batch will be distinct contacts? and not same emails from the list for second or next batch?
I am not sure i follow this, but once you start a campaign, and the campaign uses a delivery server with a hourly quota for 100 emails for example, then when that quota is used, the campaign will pause itself till next day when it has another 100 emails to send, and so on.
So i think you're looking at this from the wrong angle.