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I'm try to integrate MailWizz in our product and want to include auto login to Customer Area for our customers (when they logged in on our site, they don't need to write login/pass for enter in MailWizz). Please, can you tell how to do it? Need I use cookies? Or I can use some link?

You can do a ajax call (post data) to the original mailwizz login form with the login info, then wait for the call the finish and check if success, then redirect to dashboard area. While the ajax call is running show some feedback to the user, like some loading message and so on.
Hello again!
It's changed our requires. And now we need deploy MailWizz on different domain. So, we cannot use ajax in this case... Can you advise something?

Hmmm... Ok, jsonp allow to access to other domain. But how I understand, it is just GET request. And for login used POST request from form. Maybe I'm not know something about jsonp... Can you explain me, please?
Thanks you very much! It's really useful links! CORS mega cool trick! If someone need details how to set up crossdomain login in Mailwizz, don't be shy to ask me.
Please, can you give me more details about this or example the ajax? i also want to auto login from wordpress to mailwizz