(ask) build mailwizz like act-on


New Member
Hi all,

Right now i use act-on as my service provider to sent email to all my list, my list comes from offline event like webinar, exhibition, direct call and name card. i want to switch act-on service and buile mailwizz as a tool to sent email. my planning is i want to using email api from paid service to handle my email not to go to spam folder. i bought new domain and it will be as domain sender. when im try to setting delivery server and contact one of them (netcore/pepipost), they said i must build my website first as a requirement to use their service.
I want to ask, is there any member here use using mailwizz like act-on? and how to setup mailwizz without build website. i need help to build my email system with mailwizz.

thank you