Are statistics on delivery accurate?


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I periodically have an issue where ElasticEmail shows a lower number of emails sent than what MailWizz shows. For example, one day I will send 500,000 emails with MailWizz across three campaigns and MailWizz will show 100% delivered for them all. However, ElasticEmail shows they only received 350,000. This doesn't happen every day, but happens periodically.

My question is, are MailWizz statistics accurate or is there a chance emails are being marked as sent but are not actually sent? I'm trying to figure out if the problem is at my end (MailWizz) or their end (ElasticEmail).

@Lakjin - The statistics are 100% accurate.
Here's the deal, 100% delivery means that mailwizz was able to handle all emails to EE and EE accepted them all, so no error was encountered during this process. That's it. All emails were delivered from Mailwizz to EE. What later EE does with them is outside mailwizz scope.