Archiving delivery logs/and/or keeping campaign history while maintaining performance

Jonathan Gilpin

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I need a method of cleaning up old campaigns while not losing the campaign stats and I have come across the console command:

console.php archivecampaignsdeliverylogs

The posts I've ready said this is experimental but they are a few years old.. so maybe it is less experimental now. Has anyone got any experience using this and is it safe?

I'm not sure I actually need to keep the old logs.. I was wondering if it might be possible to safe the Campaign stats page as a PDF or HTML file rather than have it generated on the fly every single time. Perhaps this should be a new feature? Then the history can be deleted to make the DB smaller and more efficient and the Campaign summary page can be saved/viewed as a static file.

Does anyone here have any advice/suggestions or recommendations on how they manage this task themselves? We've noticed the system is slowing down.. So we need to do something is
archivecampaignsdeliverylogs the way to go?

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@Jonathan Gilpin - you can enable to delete delivery logs from: backend > settings > cron > delete delivery logs.
Mailwizz will delete all the delivery logs for campaigns after 5 days since the campaign finishes sending, so you will see the counters but you won't see the actual logs in the app anymore.
I've now enabled the console.php archivecampaignsdeliverylogs to archive stats and it works a treat! perhaps no further optimisations are needed.