Archive Lists

Michael Wilding

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We create a lot of lists and some we will be using very rarely but we don't want to remove all their contacts and campaigns. Is there anyway to archive a list so it doesn't show up in the main lists and options when you choose when Moving contacts but without deleting it?
Ah, no it hasn't been added :-s
It sounds like something easy on the surface but it isn't, we'll need a few hours of work to make this right.
I filled an issue with this as a request and we will work on it.

Tell me please the only areas where the archived list should show up.
Thanks @twisted1919.

I'd like them to just be separated, maybe into an Archive section of the Lists area, so they can be brought back if necessary. It's to remove them from the main list both on the Lists page and when you're choosing a list in Campaigns. We've got hundreds of lists, but only use comparatively very few as some are launch specific, products which no longer exist etc.
@Michael Wilding - Follow-up on this. For archived lists, should people be able to subscribe from frontend area, api, etc? Or will they be totally hidden, like they don't exists for anyone else except the customer who owns them and can see them in customer area in archived lists area?