API Setup & Documentation


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I want to setup mailwizz-php-sdk and make documentation so 3rth Party can integrate via API and use
Please let me know API setup total cost ? including API documentation so other 3rd party can USE this API.
1) mailwizz-php-sdk needs some modifying for it to work, last time we checked it did not work with latest MW version, so that is probably couple of hours for tweaking it to work
2) Documentation can be something simple like 2 pages document how to use API with couple examples, but it can also be very bgi document covering every detail of API, all usage options etc, so I need to know which one do you need

Looking for both..API mailwizz-php-sdk setup as well as Documentation...let me know total cost of this project work.

Hi, regarding API mailwizz-php-sdk setup I know it has some issues and it does not work out of the box if I remember good, so I can offer you 2 options:

1) API mailwizz-php-sdk setup - if it works out of the box
2) Documentation 10-15 pages

1) API mailwizz-php-sdk setup - if its not working and we will work on it around 15 work hours to fix what is needed
2) Documentation 10-15 pages

Keep in mind I already wrote you our hourly rate is $40.