anyone use mailwizz with optinmonster?


Anyone use mailwizz with optinmonster? How did you set up the connection between the two for the subscribe forms?

I am trying the custom HTML form integration, which opens in a new window, but it is not very elegant. Would be nicer if there was some type of ajax way to do it or an api.
I got it working with the API, but optinmonster can't track any stats because I am using an iframe. It needs a <form>, but our form code can't forward to a custom page. It would be good if we could add an optional success and failure custom URL that the built in forms forward you to.

Something like how all payment processors let you forward to your order page after you complete the payment.
Hey Vroom, I'm trying to integrate with OptinMonster as well. Any tips on how you integrated the API? Thanks.