Anyone seeing Sparkpost open rates drop significantly yesterday?


Hi all,

I have been using MW + Sparkpost successfully for the past 1,5+ year, without any issues and good open rates (37%-50% on average). All of a sudden, my open rates dropped to ~12-14% yesterday, for all sending domains and MW servers, with the same sending emails I've been using for a very long time (I use more than one MW installation and this happened on all). I tested deliverability with mail-tester and the score is good.

I have a feeling this is somehow related to SparkPost since my sending domains are good, deliverability score is good. Could be they changed some settings that I should edit on my sending domains? SPF? or something? Anyone notice any recent drops with SparkPost specifically? I would appreciate any insight.
Hi Jess,

Are you using spark post for transactional mailing or marketing?

I tried to get an account there a while ago and got rejected. Currently I'm using sendgrid
but would love to add another weapon to my arsenal :)


PS. with sendgrid i get around 15-25% on average
When you signed up with spark post and they asked for your website where you collect leads, what kind
of page did you show them, a lead capture kind of page?

Also what hosting provider are you using?

Thanks :)
I signed up probably 1,5 years ago, yes I showed them all the pages that I use.

I use Linode hosting for MW.