Any good checklist/startup guide?

Pat Friedl

Hey all, I haven't used MW in a bit, and I'm currently updating to 1.5.1 right now. I was inspired to fire it back up after seeing a WarriorPlus ad for InboxingPro, which looks to be a whitelabaled version of MW.

Anyway, is there a checklist, startup guide or some other collected docs on the best setup? I'm not sure I've got things configured for feedback loops, etc and would like to ensure auto list cleanup and all that. I'd also like to get input on the best sending services (not SES!) and warming up a domain...

Of course, I'd be happy to pay a MW expert to consult and just go through settings with me on a Zoom if that would work. Any help would be appreciated.
what a coincidence! What is you business module? I mean what you want to achieve?

If you planning to use 3rd party SMTP relay. MailWizz offer ability to connect it to industry leading services (Like SendGrid, MailGun and many more... I believe there is a thread somewhere in this forum w/ list of top services)via API. you dont need to configure FBL/Bounce servers.

If you want to use your own SMTP relay server. you need to configure one. or hire an expert.