Amazon SES - Feedback Notification/Event Publishing


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Has anyone managed to setup Feedback Notification or Event Publishing so that when you send emails you can log which emails was Delivered (deliveries), Bounced (bounces) and Complained (complaints).

I've read several Amazon articles but i find them very confusing. Like Amazon SNS Topic, i dont understand it. Can someone help me set this up or does anyone know a easy guide i can follow?

@sendmedialtd - when you create a delivery server of type amazon ses web api, then mailwizz creates all these for you, the sns topic and it also subscribes to it for notifications and also processes those notifications.
@twisted1919 how do i go about exporting all the emails classed as Delivered (not sent)? from an email campaign OR if thats not possible and can only export the data for ALL campaigns then again that is fine.
how do i go about exporting all the emails classed as Delivered (not sent)?
Delivered means mailwizz has been able to successfully handle the emails to the email provider, so from mailwizz's point, that email has been sent.
You can go to Customer Area > Lists > All Subscribers, and try the filters from there, but i don't think they will 100% help you for what you are after, and you'll have to do it somehow from mysql directly.

Just bringing this up again, ok so MailWizz is processing the Bounces but not the Complaints, i can see the complaints are being sent to the same email as bounces. I have a bounce server setup for which contains the bounces and complaints. Do i need to add the same for the Feedback Loop Server? or will it not work since the Bounce Server is handling the emails coming in through the email address?

also is there anything i need to enable within SES for the complaints to work?