Amazon SES emails are being sent but no bounce processing


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Dear All,
I have configured amazon SES as my delivery email server and configured as per the video guide..
in the ses configuration, i have verified the email id mentioned in the from field and selected force from to NEVER..

i have individual users from where i will be emailing domains verified in AWS.. now any email which is being from mailwizz are getting delivered 100% but incorrect emails are not being marked as bounced.. there is no bounce processing happening..

any clue? SNS notifications are configured correct and in the verified email id it even shows the notification that it is sent to the SNS end point..

please advice..
Go to delivery server, it will show you URL of notification to send.

Check it working or not.

In amazon sns check it send on that URL or not.
the link is not returning any output if i place it in the browser...

the SNS notification has the endpoint as the same url