Amazon SES - Email address is not verified.

Jaime Manteiga

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I created my campaign , I configured my delivery server using Amazon SES Web Api and I created a new list with 5 subscribers but after I send the campaign I get the following error on the Delivery Logs "Email address is not verified."

I have to add all my subscribers to Amazon SES ? and have the same list on MailWizz ?


In amazon ses you will have to add/verify the email address that you use as the "FROM EMAIL" in mailwizz server configuration.

Well that make sense but this is what I am getting (See Screenshot). Could be possible that my SES Account is limited ?



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I have my account now in production and everything is working perfect. I have a limit of 50000 emails per day and 14 per second, how much do you recommend to put in the delivery configuration ? Hourly rate base on the limit by month or by seconds ? 840 ?

  • Just put ~2000 in the hourly quota field in the delivery server settings, this way you won't go over 50k in 24 hours.