Amazon SES Complaint Probation?

Pat Friedl

Ok, so I've got a list with 6 autoresponders:

Day 0 (welcome email, eBook download link)
Day 1 (sent to users that opened)
Day 1 (sent to users that have not opened)
Day 2 (sent to users who have not opened)
Day 4 (sent to users that opened)
Day 6 (sent to users that opened)

These responders are very simple, and not in any way what I would consider spammy. However, I got an email from Amazon SES that my current complaint rate is 0.61%, so the account is on probation.

I'm not sure what I can do to keep the complaint rate low. I haven't sent very many emails, so I'm not sure how to handle this. Any ideas?

Are there better sending services to use?


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@Pat Friedl - Well, if from 10 emails, 5 marks you as spam, then you get this issue... I don't know what exactly you can do about this, but change the provider if amazon doesn't allow you anymore.


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current complaint rate is 0.61%
One might find 'industry standard' limit is 0.1%, i.e. 1/1000, so 0.61% would be 61/10000.
That being said, if you use double opt-in, you have a good case, and will be able to defend against complaints by telling the provider (in this case: AmazonSES), that you have that data on the record. If they want to see it, you send it to them, which should close the case/probation. To avoid any such incidents, you can use a little footer with each subscriber's subscription data (email address, subscription date, confirmation date, etc). This will be visible also to the provider and they will not even contact you if they can read. Those who then still complain can be put on the 'irrational complainer' list, and be blocked for good.