Amazon SES Bounce Issues - Solution

I want to thank everyone that has contributed to the forum and wanted to share how I fixed a problem with Mailwizz support.

I setup Mailwizz using Amazon SES API servers. Everything was running well and then I started getting complaint and bounce emails from Amazon. In addition, there wasn't any bounces or complaints reporting on my Mailwizz dashboard.

I searched through the emails and found an email from Amazon

- An error occurred while trying to publish a notification of type "Complaint" to Amazon SNS topic "arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:676193740536:emailercomplaint".

Your Amazon SNS notification configuration for notification type "Complaint" with identity "" has been removed and forwarding of feedback by email has been re-enabled.

I contacted Mailwizz and Amazon support and they responded very fast that it wasn't a Mailwizz issue. They suggested to redo the servers. Two days later Amazon responded back that it was tied to the email.


I created a new Amazon delivery server with different email. Everything is back to normal.

Thanks again to the team at Mailwizz
Hi, I am facing a similar problem, except I don't get any email from Amazon. Should I change sending email in SES delivery server ?
@GregKevey - Just add the amazon server again, make sure you use amazon ses web api in mailwizz. Also make sure your amazon user for which you generate the keys has power user access.