All of a sudden, MW isn't entering my default email to send campaigns


@twisted1919 , everything was working fine yesterday, but today...

I go into MW customer account to send a campaign and it is putting my gmail address as the to/from instead of the domain-based email I set up in the system.

The delivery server is still using the correct email address. The ONLY place that gmail address is located is #1 admin login and #2 backup app.

I went into the customer account section and it showed my gmail address, so I changed it to the domain-based email that matches the delivery server and saved that. I even logged out and logged back in.

Now, although it showed my domain-based email that matches the delivery server, when I try to set up a campaign, it is still inserting my gmail address by default (although that gmail address isn't contained anywhere in the system that I can see).

Was there another update last night (I'm doing autoupdates) that may have messed this up?

HELP please.
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@twisted1919 I'm sure. The customer's email address USED to be the gmail address, but the domain-based email address always showed up as the default in the campaigns. As of yesterday morning, the gmail address started showing up as the default in the campaigns.

I changed the customer's email (in the account area) to match the domain-based email address... and do not see anywhere else in the customer account the gmail address exists. Yet the gmail address is still being used as the default for the campaigns.

This is a problem that started yesterday morning... everything was working fine until then. The only thing that changed between those 2 days is I installed your backup app which uses the gmail address.

Right now, the only 2 places the gmail address exists is #1 it is used as the login email for admin and #2 it is used as the email for the backup app.