after user unsubscribe links dont work anymore



so after a user unsubscribes from a campaign, the links in the email are no longer working, if they happen to go back into the email again to click on it, they cannot.

After testing im guessing its because their unique strings are removed from the list, so it basically mailwizz cannot reference it, which is why it goes to an error 404 page.

So my question is how to prevent this happening? One way i could imagine would be to lengthen the processing time for an unsubscriber in the system?


Well, why the links would work anymore?
If the subscriber unsubscribes, it means he isn't part of the list anymore, therefore, no action made by him should be taken into consideration.
We can change this behavior, but we need a good reason, except the 404 one.

it s a problem.
for example, if the subscriber look is webmail only one time in the week, i can have 2 newsletters in box.
he unsubscribe the first. and if he want unsubscribe the second, i think that doesn't work.
How can resole this ?

thank you very much