After sending a campaign we get replies with "Please unsubscribe me!"


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After we send an email to our database we seem to get ton (50+) emails from subscribers with this text in the body "Please unsubscribe me!"

The normal unsubscribe link works fine because most use that and it works fine. But there is some way that these other members are requesting to be unsubscribed and it's sending us an email. Each email has the exact same text in it.

"Please unsubscribe me!"
@Jeremy - When you specify a Reply-To email in your campaign, then the List-Unsubscribe header will include that email and you will receive those requests. You can setup a Email Box Monitor to handle these messages automatically, or you can skip adding a reply-To email in campaign and then people will be redirected to a URL to unsubscribe instead of sending an email.
@Jeremy - Yes, i forgot we made that required in order to help people reach out to get unsubscribed.
I took a look in the code and it seems that iif you let this setting empty:
Screenshot 2018-07-01 19.04.22.png
Located at /backend/index.php/settings/customers/campaigns then no reply-to will be added.
I want to remove the mailto link from the unsubscribe path, but I can't.
- Reply-To email in my campaign is required field
- /backend/index.php/settings/customers/campaigns/List unsubscribe header email field is empty

how can I solve this problem?
@Peter Kocsmaros - if you search the forums you'll see a few code snippets and instructions which allow you to do this, let me know if you still have issues afterwards and i'll give further/proper instructions.