Advance recurring

antonio forato

New Member
When i go to send a new campaing, after the last update, there is a new field "Advance recurring". How can i use this field?

Clear your browser caches first.
Secondly, if you click that box, you can pick a schedule for your campaign, for example, to send it each day at certain hour, or each 10 days, or whatever time period you need, recurring ;)

In the screenshot above I see a line of text saying "Additionally, send this campaign only to subscribers that did opened". How can I enable this feature. In my confirmation page I do not see this option. Screenshot from October 17, 2017 1-39 AM.png
Thanks got it. But it only shows the previous two campaigns in the list. If I need to send a campaign to people who did not open a particular campaign sent few weeks back - how can I do that.