Admin BlackList VS Customer BlackList


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I want to know how exactly Blacklist are working in MailWizz
Like If i have customer black list enable then
1. If any email address hard bounce will be added in system BlackList or that customer BlackList ?
2. If any subscriber click on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL], is that subscriber will be in customer blacklist or only unsubscribe ?

@Vpul Shah thanks for update but is there any way to
1. Get hard bounces to backend (system) black list ?
2. Get [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] in customer black list ?
also i check and find out when subscriber click on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL], its un subscribed but did't add to black list (this may be customer don't have black list enable ?)
1. To get back to backend, allow for backend not to customer. Customer will see in lsit subsrcriber - status as blacklisted.
2. yes
@Vpul Shah but the problem is
1. I want to have system wide bounce back email black list.
2. customer wide black list for persons who complain on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL].
how to do that ?
1. If any email address hard bounce will be added in system BlackList or that customer BlackList ?
It goes into the global blacklist.

To understand better, customer blacklist is only used when the customer sends out emails so that it blocks certain sends to certain emails.
In all other cases, the global blacklist is used.
Thanks for your update , is this possible to mark that email which use [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] or complain from ISP as black list in that customer black list ?
I think this makes sense ?
cause if some subscriber click on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] or complain to ISP and system un subscribe it.
After few days customer make it active or import in other list and he again receive email & this makes subscriber upset.

Or You can put this option in customer setting to un subscribe or add in customer black list, if its in customer black list and customer can't modify or remove it & also can't import / add in new list this will be great.

Hello @twisted1919,
I think most of people here want this feature for black list as I Purpose.

1. Backend (Global Black List for bounces or if admin want to add any email) this is working now.
2. Customer Blacklist for customer plus any complain report or FBL report or when some one click [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL], these subscribers must be added in customer black list.
If you can give us path for this , it would be great
guide me where should i look and modify the code for that like (FBL , [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] process controller) and i will modify the code and share with peoples here and they can enjoy if they like.

Thanks for your update , is this possible to mark that email which use [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] or complain from ISP as black list in that customer black list ?
I think this makes sense ?
Not really because same email can be in another list where it wishes to receive emails, or even in another customer account.
Hello @twisted1919,
thanks for reply but if you user complain in ISP or click on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] , its mean that subscriber did't want to receive email from that customer, so admin have option to put this in that customer black list.

Yes if that email is in other customer list be there.

I think many peoples here want this feature and if you guide me i will do it for my self and if any one need i will share code with them too.

You can have a look in /apps/frontend/controllers/CampaignsController.php in
public function actionReport_abuse($campaign_uid, $list_uid, $subscriber_uid)
That's the action where the subscriber is sent when he clicks the [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL]
Hello @twisted1919,
Thanks for info and i will work on it and hopefully will workout what i am looking, can i put this in my theme file and this will work ?
Also where to look when feedback loop receive from Yahoo or other service ?
in this controller /apps/frontend/controllers/CampaignsController.php
public function actionReport_abuse($campaign_uid, $list_uid, $subscriber_uid)
under this IF
if ($report->save()) {
i create a new line under
$subscriber->status = ListSubscriber::STATUS_UNSUBSCRIBED;
new line is
$subscriber->status = ListSubscriber::STATUS_BLACKLISTED;
I think this will unsubscribe the subscriber and then make subscriber blacklist too.

is this true ?

also subscriber will be added backend (admin black list) or customer black list ?
I need to add subscriber to that customer black list....

@AHK - you should leave the status as unsubscribed but add it in the customer blacklist like:
$bl = new CustomerEmailBlacklist();
$bl->customer_id = $subscriber->list->customer_id;
$bl->email = $subscriber->email;
$bl->reason = 'Some blacklist reason';
Hello @twisted1919
Thanks for all help and here is what i did & i hope this will work in new version.
in my theme for font end "Mytheme" i created new file
file is attached.... (as i just rename file to .php.txt)

after that i call this controller in theme file as
Yii::app()->controllerMap['campaigns'] = array(
'class' => 'theme-mytheme.controllers.MythemeCampaignsController',

As above will work when some one click on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] & subscriber will be unsubscribed and also added in that customer black list. (I added above so that other community can benefits from this if they want)

Now If I want to add Same if there is complain from some ISP in shape of Feedback Loop, how can i do that ?
I was searching and found that may be i need to extend front end controller DswhController.php
but i don't want to do any thing without your conformation...
Could you please help me to so same
Add subscriber into customer's black list when feedback loop arrives.



  • MythemeCampaignsController..php.txt
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Thanks for quick update.
Did you check attached file and my method and do you think it will work as i need ?
also could you help me to put subscriber in customer black list with feedback loop & i will again share code here for the community.
may be some one need changes like me...
also there is file
in this file on line 213 - 217 these line
$trackUnsubscribe = new CampaignTrackUnsubscribe();
$trackUnsubscribe->campaign_id = $campaign->campaign_id;
$trackUnsubscribe->subscriber_id = $subscriber->subscriber_id;
$trackUnsubscribe->note = 'Unsubscribed via FBL Report!';

is there place where feedback loops are processed and unsubscribed.
and what code we can put here to add email in customer black list ?
Most Important, how to extend this file in order to safe in update...