additional auto responder actions



on the confirmation page of a mailing setup, is there anyway to add additional autoresponder actions under the 'Autoresponder event *' field?

I would like to see actions on 'AFTER-CAMPAIGN-CLICK' and 'AFTER-CAMPAIGN-NON-OPEN'

self explanatory actions there, but i realise you can move people around into new lists based on open and click, and keeping the original autoresponder series as the non engagers. But it would cut down a lot of auto responder series creation.

any thoughts?

I think what he means that after delivering a specified number of sends without an open/click, unsubscribe the user and/or send them to a "wasting my time" list. That's great for list hygiene.
sorry for the late reply, so yes add actions if they don't open the email, or maybe even dont click either. They either get a value of Y/N or 1/0 upon open or non opener?

any thoughts on creating these actions?