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I am now in the process of sending test campaigns. Is it possible to manually add a new subscriber to a previously sent campaign, then resend this campaign to the new subscriber? Or do I have to create a new campaign every time I manually add a new subscriber?

Regards Dave
Once a campaign is marked as sent, there's nothing else you can do, so if you have a seed list, add your subscriber there and send a new campaign to that seed list.
Thanks for your reply. I assume by seed list you mean a one list for manually added subscribers?

And then only the new people in the list that have never opened the campaign will receive the email and then be automatically subscribed to additional campaigns once they open the email.
Regards Dave
I Have created a Test list and placed myself as a subscriber into this list and sent campaign number 1.

I then added a 2nd subscriber to Test list and made a copy of the campaign number 1 and selected the same Test list yo send the campaign to, but when I resent the campaign both subscriber 1 and 2 received the campaign. Meaning subscriber 1 received the campaign twice even though subscriber 1 had opened the 1st campaign, so should not have received the campaign a 2nd time?

I had added NUM_OPENS & THE_DATE to the list and placed [INCREMENT_BY_1] & [DATETIME] into the campaign.

Any ideas what I have done wrong? Regards Dave
@hf3gddJ8 - when a campaign is copied behave like a new campaign and if you have 2 subscribers in that list both will receive campaign.
Thank you for your reply. Can you then advise how I can add a new subscriber to a list and then only that subscriber will receive the campaign and not the subscribers who have previously received and opened the campaign?
Regards Dave
Hi. Thank you for your reply. I have tried this, but things still don't work as required. I created a list with the following custom fields
Number of opens with Tag NUM_OPENS
The Date with Tag THE_DATE

I then attached the List to a regular campaign which I set to recure every day. The campaign had the following Options
Field: Number of opens with a field value of [INCREMENT_BY_1]
Field: The Date with a field value of [DATETIME]
In the hope that when a subscriber opens a campaign attached to the list that the campaign will not go to that subscriber again?

I then created an Autoresponder that goes out when the Regular email is opened.
When the campaign is sent on day 1 and then opened the responder campaign is then sent. This is fine

But then when I add a new subscriber on day 2 to the List, the recurring campaign is sent but it goes to both Subscribers even though the 1st subscriber had already received the campaign and opened it the day before? Also when the 2nd subscriber receives the campaign and opens it, they do not receive the Autoresponder campaign?

Hopefully, I have explained this issue clearly? Regards Dave
@hf3gddJ8 - For your list create a segment based on your custom field NUM_OPENS and on conditions insert default value from your NUM_OPENS field. Create a campaign and on detail step add segment created, on setup step set Change subscriber custom field value upon campaign open to another value that default value (if custom field NUM_OPENS have default value 0 then here add 1 or whatever else) save and send your campaign. When a subscriber open this campaign field NUM_OPENS will be updated and your segment will not match subscribers who opens an campaign.
I am still struggling to set up a campaign so that it does not send the same campaign again to a user in the list who has already opened it? Screenshots enclosed of List Custom Fields / List Segments & Campaign details. What am I missing?


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@hf3gddJ8 - let's try this with a new test list, ignore what you previously had:

So, create a new list, empty, no subscribers.
Add a custom field NUM_OPENS with default value 0 and hidden.
Add a new segment called Without Opens where the condition is NUM_OPENS equals 0;
Create a new campaign, recurring to one day as you want. Make it send to this new list and to this new segment.
Make sure you set so that the custom field value increments by one on open, so set [INCREMENT_BY_1] for "Change subscriber custom field value upon campaign open".

Given the above, here's the logic to what is going to happen:
In day 1, a new subscriber is added to the list, it will get the value for the NUM_OPENS set to the default, that is 0. (make sure this is the case and that field is actually set to 0)
0 matches the segment Without Opens because the condition is "NUM_OPENS equals 0".
When campaign is sent, the subscriber will receive it because it matches the segment. Once he opens the email, the field value will increment by one, so instead of 0, it will be 1. Campaign finishes and duplicates itself for a new sending next day.
In day 2, a new subscriber joins the list, so right now you have a previous subscriber with NUM_OPENS=1 and a new subscriber with NUM_OPENS=0. When the campaign goes out, between these subscribers, just one matches the segment, the new subscriber. So the campaign is only sent to this subscriber and once opened, the custom field changes to 1 from 0 and the campaign duplicates itself for next day.
In day 3, if no new subscribers are added, none of the existing subscribers matches the segment, because all of them have a different value in NUM_OPENS than 0.
So that should do it...

Another aspect, please make sure "Custom fields sync" is enabled in Backend > Settings > Cron > Subscribers Settings.
Thank you for your help, this is very clear.

What is the setup to not send to users who have already been sent the campaign, but for whatever reason don't show as having opened the email? As I know if you don't load the images you show as not opening the email, but you may well have read all the information and not want to keep receiving the campaign every day. Regards Dave
If the open is not tracked then it's really hard to see if that email was indeed opened and read.
There's an option to take an action when the email has been sent, as opposed to when the email has been opened.
Anyway, i would stick to the open event, it's very reliable.