Adding dynamic content tags?

I'm only getting hang of your wonderful product but wondered if it is possible to add html rich dynamic content tags?

As an example we have a single contact list with two of our clients (separate clients) and we want to have two different headers for each client when sending the same campaign (essentially assembled with the right header as it is sent). This means we would have two dynamic content tags, one containing an html rich version of a header for one client and the other containing an html rich version of a header for the other client. This would be dictated by a custom tag assigned to each email within a contact list. For example, email addresses in a contact list belonging to a first client will have an additional custom tag that would have a value of "client1" and the second client will have a custom tag that would have a value of "client2" - this is how the system will know which header to choose and apply.

We are migrating from Interspire where this function is present and thought perhaps this function is already built into Mailwizz or is in the works?

Many thanks!
Mailwizz works very different in this area, what you can do is to simply create different templates for these clients and use them in their campaigns.
How about to populate a custom field with the HTML for dynamic content and call it on the template?
I have no clue if that works, but....
@twisted1919 you are sir, a saint!!! Thank you so much!

We have a rather complex set up in an older interspire that we wish to migrate over to mailwizz and this will definitely make it easier!

I suppose the only remaining question is, when will the new version come out? :D :)

Damn, this made my day!
From looking at the change logs for version 1.5.1 I don't think it's been done. Maybe it will be in the next release for you :)