Add subscriber through API ignores when lists setup in customer group in backend is as forces single opt-in


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I'm testing MW API adding subscriber to a list.

The steps I follow are:
  1. In backend, setup "Force the OPT-IN process" as "Single" in customer group. It can be seen in attached image "2020-05-29_customer-group-configured-with-single-optin.png".
  2. Once setup in previous step is saved, in any customer list it can be seen how "Opt in" option is disabled and marked as "Single". It can be seen in attached image "2020-05-29_optin-on-customer-is-single".
  3. I add a subscriber once at time or by using bulk method (trhough API) but in both of them the behaviour is the same. It only add the subscriber to the list but is not saved as a confirmed.
  4. When I disable the option described in step 1, in customer list I manually select and save "Opt in" option as single and on this way, when I add subscriber through API, it is added as confirmed subscriber (as I want).
Is there some issue or it is the expected behaviour described in step 3?

I'm trying to simulate in some way the feature of tracking transactional emails as I described here:

PD: The simple way I found of tracking "transactional emails" is creating 1 list with one subscriber (which is added in a third party web app) and sending the same campaign for every new customer. The campaign is a welcome email for every new customer registered in the third party app.
For the explained reason, it is not needed that customer has to click a URL for confirmed the subscription to the "temporal" list for welcome email campaign.

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@Fabyc - I run some test and subscribe from api works fine, all subscribers are inserted in list as confirmed. Can you check in your list this option: Sub. require approval ?
Annotation 2020-06-02 154737.png
"Sub. require approval" is set as "No".

It is strange because "Force the OPT-IN process" is as "Single" in "Customer group" in backend, but when it is created the list from API, in column list it is showed as "Double" and when I enter in update list, it is showed as "Single". So, when it is added a new subscriber, it is "Unconfirmed".
When "Force the OPT-IN process" is as "Single" in "Customer group" in backend and list is created from client, the option "Single" is taken with same option.

In the video [1] you can see the strange behaviour I'm talking about. An image or a video say more than 1000 words. :)


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