add blacklist for customer area


I am creating the extension in mailwizz

I want to add blacklist in customer area which blacklist the email for particular customer.

where i have to modify the functionality the blacklist.

Ankit Naredi
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The table that holds this info is called email_blacklist and the model that does blacklisting is /apps/common/models/EmailBlacklist.php which also contains a lot of hooks you can hook into from your own extension ;)
Are you planning to sell it publicly or just to me ? Please share your email id, I'll PM.
@twisted1919 but this has only one record addition option.
Can we add ability to import multiple emails at once to this customer level global backlist.
@Ankit - It works exactly the same as the global blacklist, so you can add one by one, import multiple, delete one/all etc etc, it's the same. The screenshot is just a short version of how a single record is added.
@twisted1919 you rock, awesome :) !

I have a question, if I disable blacklisting via perf flag, will the customer based suppression list still work ?
Ah.. Ok.. I don't want the bounces from individual customers to be added to global blacklist and applied commonly on everyone. That's why disabled the feature. But I really would love to have this feature.. :)