Achieving 1000/h as bulk sender with some decent deliverability


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Hi everyone!

I am Andrew, a web developer and SMTP aficionado.

I will explain a little bit my goal here. What I want to achieve is to be able to send 1000/h for my clients as a bulk service. I have many clients with lists and I want to start helping them sending those emails instead of paying Mailchimp fees which are really high.

I dont want/can deliver the emails to the inbox all the time, some getting spam would be fine, but right now the emails are not even getting there :(

Right now what I have is POSTAL SMTP configured on a VPS and MailWizz on a shared hosting. I can move Mailwizz to the VPS as well if that makes more sense.

4 vCores, 8 GB RAM & 200 GB SSD
  • Full Virtualization
  • 100% Fast SSD Storage
  • Quick Provisioning

I also have two IPS configured with on that VPS to do some rotation if needed.

So far I have to try to warm up the IP/Domain but when I reach day 5 or so, I get either the IP or the sending domain blocked.

I don't want to/can deliver the emails to the inbox all the time, some getting spam would be fine, but right now the emails are not even getting there :(

Please note I don't have good lists or contacts to do the warm-up. I only have the lists my clients provide to me.

Any recommendations?

As I gift for this community, I have been thinking of developing an open-source unlayer extension ( I have seen some really good attempts to create it, but none of them are open-source and I was thinking of creating it. Would anyone be interested?
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Thanks a lot.

I have contacted which seems like a really good service. They have told me this:

"For 1000 sends an hour at max, you would most likely run into issues as having send rates that high under a single email address can cause problems over time since this a very high send rate. What we typically recommend for users performing large scale outreach is to split their sends across multiple inboxes, across multiple domains in order to stay within safe sending limits and prevent 1 inbox ban from causing issues for an entire outreach campaign.

Sending 50 warming emails a day is sufficient to properly warm up a domain/IP over the course of around 45-90 days, as this builds up long term consistent positive engagement under an inbox. For our own outreach under our outreach domains, this is sufficient for utilizing around 3-5 inboxes under a domain, each sending between 80-200 emails a day. Through this our deliverability stays high and if we need to scale up our daily sends we will setup additional domains/inboxes to handle any additional sends.

This would be for multiple IP's, as for our own outreach we typically will try and keep as many separate IP's sending as possible and keep them constantly warmed so as to avoid any issues if one of our IP's lands on a blacklist or gets blocked/banned/has high spam rates"

However, that means that one IP and one Domain would give me a max of 1000 emails per day, which is kinda low in my opinion. Are their numbers a bit low, or you guys think an IP / Domain can handle more sending?