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Hello, please help me.
I have a customer care campaign for a few days. After sending mail A one day, I will send a mail B to the person who clicked on the link, or mail C to the person who just opened the mail. If mail B is sent, mail C will not be sent and vice versa. Mail B and mail C are only sent after mail A has been sent. After receiving mail B one day, the recipient clicked on the link will continue to receive mail D, if the recipient only open mail B will receive mail E. This process is similar in the following days. How do I set up that automation on Mailwizz? Thanks
@Minh0321 - you should look into autoresponders and when creating them, look into clicks and opens actions, this way you can copy subscribers in a new list where another autoresponder is waiting to send.
@twisted1919 oh my god, If I follow your instructions, I will have to create multiple listings for a campaign and according to the daily delivery schedule. This seems impossible. I see two options in my campaign submission settings. The first option is "APTER SUBSCRIBE" to send to the registered person after a specific time. The second option is "APTER CAMPAIGN OPEN". What does the second option do? Can I use the second option for my mail string? I tried using it but my campaign is always "pending"
@Minh0321 - The AFTER-CAMPAIGN-OPEN does exactly what it says, it says a campaign after a certain other campaign has been opened.
I tried using it but my campaign is always "pending"
This means the cron job which should pick the campaigns doesn't run, so check your cron jobs and make sure they run, you can view their history at backend > misc > cron jobs history
I can set up my campaign sending mail as follows
I create mail B a segment of people Click and mail C create a Segment of people Open. Mail B or Mail C will be sent after mail A is sent one day using the "APTER CAMPAIGN OPEN" option.
Is that true?
That is true in most part, with emphasis on the "after campaign open" so keep this in mind, it will be triggered only if the subscriber opens the campaign.