A couple of issues with autoresponders


So we have some autoresponders running and decided we need to organize better.

Pause the autoresponder and change the name, re-activate, still shows the old name.
Pause autoresponder, add that autoresponder to a group, save, not added to the group.

Some of the params in the first campaign step are on purpose not editable because they'll mess things if a campaign is paused and params changed ;)
However, with the addition of the "mark campaign as sent" button, things should be easier to handle.

Agreed, in that case we could end the campaign, copy and rename. Easy enough to do at that point.

By the way, I think moving to the forum is a great idea, much better organization and will allow others to chime in and help other people out as well, without you having to carry the full load.
Yeah, trying to move things here, i can barely handle support and when issues like the one from yesterday/today (DDOS) appears then things go crazy :)