A/B split testing

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I would like to develop the A/B split testing where I can choose to put a different From Name, From Email, Subject line, and maybe the campaign itself, am not a developer am not sure how possible is this!

but it would be great to create different campaigns with different from name, email, subject lines and contents, then select a list and rotate or split those different campaigns to that list, like the 1st campaign will be sent to 33% of the list, the 2nd will be sent to 33% of the list and the 3rd will be send to 34% of the list.

Right now am doing this manually by splitting the lists and setting autoresponders.

do you guys have any other method or plugin to do A/B split testing.? Share the love!!

Have a wonderful day!
I guess this is not possible now, and I'm interested in this feature. As per the industry standard, we only have to rotate the mail content, not the from header. I would also love to buy this extension if someone is interested to code it ;)
I have similar feature in my custom application where you can select different range Position of a list for example:

Campaign 1 on 10000-20000
campaign 2 on 20000-30000
campaign 3 on 50000-100000

etc and so on