500 Internal Error Issue while Importing


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I'm installing for the 1st time Mailwizz, and I'm little bit disapointed!... On DB import stepp, I click on "importing" and then I have a 500 error page! I can't go further. All the files in config are chmod 0777, and the dir too. A file named "main-custom.php" is created, the tables in the database are created. If I go back and try again, I have the message "Unable to write the configuration file!". Then I have to delete all tables, delete the file main-custom.php to start again, but same problem each time : 500 error. So I'm stuck now! Need help please...
@Recif - I think i have answerd this via comemnts on cc, but in case you haven't figured it out, let me know where you are so that i help you move over the bump if it's in my power.
Thanks for answer. Well, I've enabled logs in php.ini to see what is wrong, I restarted apache and then now I've not the 500 error anymore! I don't understand anything... But, it is done.