404 error on tracking domain


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HI ,

I am having an issue in setting the tracking it is giving 404 error,

I have mailwizz installed on http://1234.com, now i want to configure tracking domain for 5678.com so what i am doing is that i have added Cname Record on 5678.com " tracking.5678.com.------> www.1234.com", but it is not working it is giving 404 error.
@Syed - We don't work weekends, keep this in mind ;)
As for your problem, you need a dedicated IP address and the domain where mailwizz is installed on has to be the default domain hosted on that ip address.
This is all clearly stated in the Tracking Domains page, if should have just read it carefully.
I have dedicated IP for the domain where mailwizz is installed .and it is the only and default domain for that IP
Gotcha, then if you do, when you access your IP address in the browser, you should see same thing like you see when you access the url of mailwizz.
Does this happen?

You can also tell us real domain name and real cname so we can run some dns queries against it and see what happens.
i think you forgot me we used to discuss Mailwizz last year in november and u made the api connection for elastic email for me first time to use in mail wiz
@Syed - Well, to my defence, i get lots of customers and lots of questions, so i do tend to forget some things but i remember now :)
Now to your issue, if the IP does not open same view as the domain name, it means the domain is not the default on the IP.
You can fix this in several ways, but easier would be to add the tracking domain as a subdomain to point to same files as the main domain where mailwizz is installed does. Can you do this?