2 questions about Google Map UI


1st, icon issue
I remember the google map UI is like the image as below. (it's has a nice blue icon to show how many subscribers opened)
google map before.jpg

but now, it shows like this .. (Screenshot of Mailwizz on my server)
Map Opened After.jpg
You can still find the total opened numbers(very small) , it not looking good as previous. Any idea to get it back like before?
My second questions is if there are more than 2 opened subscriber in same place, you can't zoom in and click to show details of this subscriber. like image below:
google map issue.jpg
@hezinai - Use latest version of the app, it fixes the cluster issue for google map.
As for zooming, that's all we can do since many users have same ISP and we actually get the ip location of their isp not of their homes.