100% Delivery Error?


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Hi there,

I have an odd one.. I recently scheduled a campaign to send earlier today though all 957 emails were sent, none were actually delivered and we seem to have had a delivery error for all of the emails.
I haven’t been able to find any further information on it other than the word “Error”.

If I look at the campaign overview it simply says:

Processed: 957
Delivery success: 0
Delivery success rate: 0%
Delivery error: 957
Delivery error rate: 100%

If I then click View details, alongside each email address is simply the word ERROR in the status column. Is there a way to find out more information on the error itself?

Thanks.. The error I am getting is:
Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "username@domain.com" using 2 possible authenticators..

So, does this mean the password for the email address being used to send the emails is the issue? If so then there maybe something else wrong because I've reset the password to that email account and sent out a test campain, but get the same error?

Any help would be appreciated!
That is due to the fact where ever you are hosting MW it is blocking the port, either 25, 587 etc.