to 1.3.5 update problem

For some reason you're not the only one, i really don't know how to make this easier, seems there are some difficulties in the process, so maybe a video explaining this will make more sense.
I upgrading from 1.3.5 to facing 404 page not found after uploading the update folder in to replace my site folder and file.
I follow the step as show at youtube login backend before uploading and refresh when complete.

Look forward to your advice.

I really doubt you'd get a 404 if you'd follow my above video closely, it's impossible.
The whole update process is as simple as possible, you simply take some new files from a folder and upload them over some existing files from your server. Simple.
You should be careful with FTP clients that are doing SYNC instead of upload, because they will sync your server files with your local folder files and you will pretty much end up with only your uploaded folder contents, which is invalid. That's why i suggest using winscp on windows to upload files and under no circumstance don't use cpanel for this.

I using cuteFTP for uploading. I had rename all the 1.3.5 folder before uploading and all the file and folder in update I keep as default name and upload to my site root. After finish all the uploading the update file, I refresh at backend it prompt me 404. When I rename back all the 1.3.5 at my site root to default name, all is work in good condition as 1.3.5.

I will try winscp as FTP to upload and try again.

Appreciate for your feedback.
I really have no other advice, you should manage to do it since there's a video explaining how to do it :D