Zapier Official App is Here!


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We're proud to announce that we have finally completed our official integration with Zapier.
Using the app, you will be able to send subscribers TO and FROM MailWizz, but you also be able to send unsubscribers TO and FROM MailWizz, so it enabled both ways communication for subscribe and unsubscribe.

Thank you.
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Could you consider to create a connection with pabbly connect ?
It is the cheapest connection platform and cheaper and better than zapier
@twisted1919, just tested the Google Sheet > Mailwizz connection w/ Zapier and it works great.

Just one issue: if the list I'm adding subscribers to is set to "double-opt-in", each manual addition will trigger a confirmation request. That's all fine if the signup is being initiated by the user via a signup form. However, if we're pushing through subscribers from a CMS or any other process, which these Zaps are most likely going to be used for, there needs to be a mechanism to disable the double opt-in trigger, as that would likely be hugely confusing to receive untriggered. I've raised this point before in a separate thread.

Use case: I have clients who collect subscriber data at concerts, sometimes even on paper lists. There's a paper trail and a GDPR compliant opt-in. Once a month my clients need an easy (non techy) way to push the new subscribers into their lists. The Zap from G'shhets > Mailwizz is perfect for that. But not if each subscriber will suddenly receive a confirmation request, potentially weeks after they genuinely signed up.

While CSV imports correctly avoid the double opt-in, there should be more scenarios where it can be overruled. The Zaps are another example where this option would be extremely useful. I guess it would simply need the option to set new records to be "confirmed", right?
@nadworks - since the data comes from an external source, once it reaches mailwizz, it follows the regular process for optin, which also applies for regular api calls, etc. The only way to bypass this is the single opt-in process.