[Work in progress] - MailWizz - 2.0


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@twisted1919 Thanks for your great effort in improving MW. i think it is good to add documentation for MW specific helper functions for other developers and add change log for functions that change so other developers can use it.
another thing is i think it is good to have a documentation on how to add unit tests and acceptance for MW extensions so other developers can use this help to write there unit tests related to there extension.


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@zhu4koff - It will still use Yii 1 since we have extended it so much that's almost impossible to upgrade. However, we've updated lots of our practices, using di a lot, etc. We also have many tests now, acceptance / functional / unit, etc.


Hehe, just today we finished the sub-accounts feature for customer, which was/is a beast to get going, and now it will undergo lots of tests, so i don't think we'll hit BF or CM, but tbh, we don't rush it either, when it's ready, it's ready.
Oooooo if this is what I think it is it’s going to be a good holiday season ;-)


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I recently bought Mailwizz, will I get this update for free or do I have to purchase again?
When do you plan to release it?

Ashish Shukla

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You are doing great and I am completely satisfied with your software but still always hungry with new features ;):D
I have a suggestion, can we add complaints stats as well in campaign reports main page or with export options.