Tracking Domain question


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Hey @twisted1919 ,

when using url tracking, the generated url will be something like

The issue here if anyone removes "rest-of-the-url" and types in the browser, then he will be taken to the login page of MW.

I thought of using tracking domains, ie to be something like

But i think even with tracking domain if I anyone removes "rest-of-the-url" he will be taken to the login page, right?

How can e resolve this issue.

What I need is if someone goes to "" or "" to be taken to a normal website (may be Wordpress website) but not the login page


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@joegmail - This is just how cname work, there's nothing specific to mailwizz, tracking domains are just masks over the domain where mailwizz is installed, that's all. Also, mailwizz has no idea it is accessed via a cname or via it's original url, this all happens before the request reaches mailwizz.


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@twisted1919 ,

so so the only way to handle is is to do some code change to make the home page a static page or a wordpress, right?
You can put an empty page or a redirection page or a wordpress site or anything up in the top level for the tracking, as long as it does not interfere.