Too much bounces


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I tested it with test list(4people). That was good.
I sent real customer about 9300, but bounces is about 8300. That means they didn’t receive email, right? Even my email in the bounces list. All of 8300 bounces email are valid email addresses. How can I reduce or fix this problem?


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What is the reason for those bounces? You should see it in the bounce report. Also, what type of bounces, hard, soft or internal?
Bounce rate89.334%
  • Hard bounces5 / 0.06%
  • Soft bounces8,327 / 99.916%
  • Internal bounces2 / 0.024%
Hard Bounces - Not exist/Permanently Disabled email address (you should either delete them from you database or deactivate them)
Soft Bounces - These Emails are temporary disables/full/Over quota/busy recipient server etc
Internal Bounce - Means those emails are blocked by recipient server (Your IPs/Domain blocked by policy or other reason)
For soft bounces, you can try to send by 3-4 times and if still not deliver and for Internal bounce - you have to check your logs and identify the reason that why your IP or domain blocked.