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I have setup a delivery server for "Postmarkapp" using the API route and the API has been confirmed as OK.

Postmarkapp have different "Mailing Streams", 'Broadcast', 'Inbound' & 'Broadcast' the default send stream being 'Transactional'. I have setup a new 'Broadcast' stream and need to be able to direct campaigns through that stream the php direction would be - $messageStream = "mw-broadcast-stream" - is this to be included in 'Additional Headers' in the Delivery Server setup and if so what format please.

Any wisdom in this area would be appreciated, thanks


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For some reason, Postrmark handles Transaction and Campaign emails separately, if you don't handle them separately, they can be blocked (I ran into that :)).
Unfortunately, this means that you have to set up 2 delivery servers, and two values change:

- Use for: Campaigns:
Addition headers: X-PM-Message-Stream: broadcast

- Use for: Transactional emails:
Addition headers: X-PM-Message-Stream: outbound

Server Settings:
On the server settings page, you may want to turn on Open tracking / Link tracking

broadcast/outbound server Webhook settings: (
Add a new one, then here you need to enter the URL from the MW delivery server page.
However, if you check everything, it will seriously grab the newsletter server for processing many requests. It is also an experience.
Bounce, Spam complaint and Subscription change have been checked.

I hope you get started :)
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Thanks 'Morgens' sorted it all out just before your post and now signed up with Postmark are giving great service