Sending quotas?


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We have a customer group that has the following quota settings:

We have a customer who is in this group. Around the 2nd or 3rd of each month, we bill this client for their previous month's mails and then reset their sending quota. For the past few months, this customer is showing roughly 2,000,000 emails sent in Mailwizz, but in reality they've actually sent roughly 8,000,000 emails during the previous month. My only thought is that I have something set incorrectly and that Mailwizz is resetting their sending quota to 0 before I can get to it to read it.


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What should that be set to? Since the quota is set at -1, in theory the quota is NEVER reached and therefore nothing in that dropdown even matters, right?


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Yeah, but you have set the validity for 1 Month, so maybe once the month passes, the quota will get a reset.
I don't have the code in front of me to confirm right now, but that sounds to be the case.