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I have installed Mailwizz in domain A (with a IP) and PMTA installed with multiple IP's and configured with domain B.
Domain A is only for a installation off mailwizz and domain B is the sending domain.
The smtp is configurated with domain B but always that I send a campaign, it's send with domain A (and ip of domain A) and not with domain B (and any IP of damain B).
The SPF and DKIM is configurated for the domain B (sending domain)

Can you help me, please?
How can you tell it sends from domain A?
Is it because you see in headers things like: Received by xyz from Domain A ?
yes, in Gmail I can view in (show original) the sender domain (domain A) and IP (ip of domain A)

Received: from ( [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX])
And there's no mention of Domain B at all ?
because if it isn't, then it's very weird, meaning you're sending the email from A instead of B as you think.
If my Backend Sending Domain, SPF, DMIK, tracking domains are setup and I don't set up that up in the Customer Area, will my Customers use my Backend sending domains as default?

I am not setting this up for use other than for me and my accounts and I am fine for now if the Frontend accounts use the Backend setup.
I am going through SparkPost. I have a 50 email a minute setting. Two campaigns with a total of 9,000 recipients. I set them off last night at about 6 PM. And they still have not finished:

MNC 27K List 1 has 5,500 in it
MNC June has 3,300 in it

SparkPost has me set at 20K emails a day and 100,000 for the month

Why is this moving so slowly? How do I get them to move faster? I change email per minute from 50 to 100, but that doesn't seem to be helping. Here is a screenshot how the campaigns are setup in the Backend:


Thanks, I read the post, Thanks.

Where do I find delivery settings? I'm looking at Customer | Campaigns in the Backend and I don't see Delivery Settings. I see these settings:

I have small campaigns set up right now: 3K, 5K. That's it. At first I had it set to run only 33 emails per minute using the setting at Customer | Campaings. For two campaigns that'd be about 4K per hour. It should have finished in 2-3 hours.

If I have a maximum of 20K emails a day, at this point, what would be decent settings given the current setting I have now. See screenshot above, please.

When on Interspire and Mandrill, going through the same VPS server and domain that I have now with MailWizz and SparkPost, I could send 30K in a few hours with no delays. I could send several campaign totaling 30K in several hours. I don't think it is my host or SMTP speed at this point.
The base settings you are after, are the ones from Backend > Settings > Cron (delivery panel)
The screenshot above will inherit the settings from there.
And if you ever use customer groups, group settings inherits from the ones from screenshot.

My advice is, in both places, to start with:
Subscribers at once: 500
Send at once: 0
Pause: 0
Emails per minute: 0
See how that behaves and try increasing the number.

You can also try sending the campaigns by debugging the send campaigns command.
This offers highly valuable insights:
I am under the gun. This is Nurses Week and I have campaigns that need to be completed today. Nurses Week ends tomorrow. My current campaign completion percentage has not moved since this morning. They are all stuck!!!

Could me changing setting in the middle of a campaign have something to do with this??

My settings are far more conservative than what you are suggesting above. Except for the "Change Server Setting: 200" Here are the setting I had before this thread. "Change Server Seting" was set at 200, now it is set at 0. I have only one server at this time. See my Delivery settings see below.

Debugging with Shell access is a bit beyond me. This is getting really complex for me. What setting will make this work? It is sort of like the import settings for MIME were set in a way that any import wouldn't work for me.