SendGrid Supression

@Brett - Mailwizz doesn't do a check on the plan anyway, it is just showing a notice, so i guess it should work just fine.
Anyway my question is - in order to receive bounce and spam reports, we simply need to create the API key and update the permissions to allow MW 'Full access' to the Suppression setting?
I guess so, i haven't really been up to date with their changes lately.
Bounce handling doesnt seem to be working.
Using the webapi Sendgrid should send the bounces back to the MW app but its not.
I get zero bounces reported in MW and 42 in Sendgrid for example.

Can you explain how the API should work to process opens / bounces / unsubs etc ...
Is the Event webhook invoked to process all the stats?

Does MW use SMTP API or WEB API V3?

Also seeing a discrepancy in the open stats reported. On a test SG will report 9 unique opens. MW it reports only 1
Seems the setup is not using stats from SG - the Events webhook is not being utilised maybe?

Not sure how I would go about debugging this - any pointers?

Actually I think I just found the problem ... things were not turned on inside Mail Setting tab.