[sell] 150 mln of spamtraps , honet pots and complainers


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For a limited time I'm offering the whole bundle for only $200.
So if you're in need of a quality list of spamtraps/honeypots/complainers, hurry up and get them!

The prices are as follows:

Basic - 30 Million List for $50

Standard - 70 Million List for $150

Premium - 152 Million List for $200

Updates are every month !!

Contact: polishelite@protonmail.com

Because of the gigantic size of these lists, it's impossible to clean them completely. They will contain a small percentage of addresses with invalid syntax ~ 50k

Tens of millions of lines from these very same lists are being used by most professional email list cleaning services.

I deliver these lists in TXT format only. If you need them in CSV, XLS, or other format, you will need to do the conversion yourself.

Please make sure to read the FAQ for further details or send me a message if you have any other questions.


A spam trap is an email address that is not actively used, but is monitored by anti-spam organizations. Spam traps are not supposed to receive email, servers that regularly send them messages are eventually blacklisted.


They are inactive emails set up to catch spammers. Because these addresses are not used by real people they couldn't had consented to receive email. As a result, any mailer that sends to these addresses is automatically labeled a spammer.


Complainer addresses belong to people who usually marks messages as spam (whether the email is solicited or not) or reports unsolicited email to anti-spam organizations.

How old are these lists?

These lists were built within the past couple of years. They are 100% relevant and useful today.

Can I use these lists to send email campaigns?

You can not. These are only used to be compared with your own lists. Any matching addresses are removed by your email program.

How can I use these lists?

Most email marketing applications will allow you to set a black list of addresses that you do not want to email to. Once you setup the blacklist (like the one I'm providing), every time you load a new list of email addresses the application will filter out any address found in the blacklist.

Also offering cleaning mailing list with full report with bounce code etc...

LIST ARE GLOBAL -> EU, USA , and other - made by complains on spamcop, spamhaus etc. ...

In price included code for PowerMta -> just add code in conf and all spamtraps will be automaticly deleted

Payment : PAYPAL ( no family pay ! ) Revolut , BTC or by CC ( by PM msg )