Segmentation via ESP


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Hey all,

I was wondering if there is the possibility to segment a list via email service provider
the reason being during warm up of new ip / domain we often have some issues with providers that we have to slow down delivery on or even stop sending to for xx amount of time (I usually stop sending for a week)

I'm sure the possibility is there i just haven't found out how segmentation works properly on mailWizz and would really like to learn how to use it.

many thanks in advance already :cool:


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example i just started warming up 2 new domains and IPs and here are the results

ESP'sSentDelivery ratePlan

Continue with the current strategy
outlook.com261100.0%0.0%Continue with the current strategy

Keep volume steady
hotmail.ca500100.0%0.0%Continue with the current strategy
live.ca480100.0%0.0%Continue with the current strategy

Decrease volume with 25%
live.com320100.0%0.0%Continue with the current strategy
msn.com19100.0%0.0%Continue with the current strategy

Stop sending for a week
protonmail.com15100.0%0.0%Continue with the current strategy